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BRAND: Meilink Gibralter Model #KC-6528

TYPE OF SAFE: High Security Burglary and fire rated,

LOCK INFO: Sargent and Greenleaf 6730 mechanical combination lock and high security S & G mechanical key lock

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: 2 Relocking devices, 1/2" bearing ball impregnated hardplate

U.L. LABELS: TL-30 burglar rating, Omega point 1-hour 275 degree F. fire rating

SHELVES: 5-full width adjustable / removable shelves

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 22.1 cu. ft. capacity 71.5" High x 31-7/8" Deep x 35-1/8" Wide

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 65" High x 21" Deep x 28" Wide

ANCHOR INFO: No Factory Anchor Points


WEIGHT: 3200 lbs

COMMENTS: This safe is perfect for the serious gun collector. Tall enough for rifles, shotguns, and almost any other weapon. It will provide the best of both worlds, unbeatable burglar protection and excellent fire protection. Meilink's Gibraltar series combines the very best features available for security and protection. That's why jewelers and financial institutions throughout the world rely on Meilink Gibraltar Safes to meet their security needs. When you are protecting assets reaching into the tens and hundreds of thousands-of-dollars you'll want a safe equal to the task. You'll want UL's very best burglary rated safes and that's just what the Gibraltar line offers, including automatic bolt detent and adjustable ball bearing hinges for smooth door operation for the life of the safe. Omega Point Fire Rating: The safe is tested for 1 hour in a furnace with temperatures rising to 1700F. The internal temperature of the safe must not rise more than 275F for the duration of the test. UL TL Rating: The safe must be meet specific construction requirements. The safe is also tested to prevent access to contents by physical attack using specific tools including grinders, pick axe, sledge hammer, drills, and saws for a specified period. TL-30 means it passed a 30-man-minute test.

This video below shows how the Underwriters Laboratory engineers test a high security Meilink Gibralter safe.

Here's some pictures...

This safe lists new for $7875.00 but this gently used model is now on sale for only $2499.00

Updated 8/15/16