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BRAND: Hamilton Bank Equipment

TYPE OF SAFE: High security burglar and fire resistant

LOCK INFO: S & G Mechanical combination lock and S & G 2-movement time lock

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: 2 independent relocking devices / Massive carbon plate protects combination lock from drill attacks

U.L. LABELS: Group 2 combination lock, time lock

SHELVES: No shelves but can be added

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 77" High x 43.5" Wide x 38" Deep (including handle)

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 72" High x 35" Wide x 29" Deep


ANCHOR INFO: No factory anchor points

WHEELS: No wheels

WEIGHT: 6600 lbs

COMMENTS: This Hamilton bank safe is designed to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuables and will make a fantastic gun safe. This is for a serious collector. Bank safes are built to exceed UL burglar ratings in many cases and this monster is a great example of that. Don't waste your money on a flimsy "gun safe" sold in big box stores, sporting stores or home centers. They are made of thin sheet metal and dry wall and can be cut or forced open very easily. The "fire rating" is laughable because dry-wall is a terrible insulator against the heat from a house fire. That is why you will likely never find a UL fire rated gun safe. This Hamilton bank safe has a 1.5" thick plate steel door, plate body with composite concrete mixture on all six sides for good fire protection as well. Comes with Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical combination lock and 2 movement time lock offering 1,000,000 theoretical combinations. Massive hardplate and 2 independent relocking devices provide incredible burglar resistance for all your valuables. Weighing in at 6600 lbs, this behemoth won't likely be stolen, either. Now on sale for only $3499 which includes a 30 day warranty (does mot include time lock) and full service package with combination set up on your favorite numbers.

Here's some pictures...

Now on sale for only $3499.00

(Compare to Amsec Model CF7236 which lists for $10,095!) Updated 6/2/17