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BRAND: Halls fire safe, Major money chest

TYPE OF SAFE: Outer safe is Halls cast-iron, concrete filled fire resistant safe. Interior safe is a Major burglar-resistant money chest

LOCK INFO: Outer safe uses 3 wheel Sargent & Greenleaf, key-change mechanical combination lock. Inner money chest usesd 3 wheel, key-change mechanical combination lock

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: Outer safe has no hardplate or relocking devices. Inner safe uses significant hard plate and a U.L. rated relocking device

U.L. LABELS: Inner safe has U.L. rated lock and relocking device

SHELVES: 1 shelf on top of inner money chest.

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 30" Wide x 30" Deep x 35" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 18" Wide x 17" Deep x 22.5" High

INTERIOR MONEY CHEST: 13.5" Wide x 16.5" Deep x 11" High, Door opening is 6.75" wide

ANCHOR INFO: No anchor points

WHEELS: No wheels

WEIGHT: Estimated weight is 600 lbs.

COMMENTS: This safe offers good fire resistance and excellent burglar resistance for items placed inside the money chest which is attached to the interior of the safe. Exterior safe is likely a Halls cast-iron fire safe from the late 1800's. It is concrete lined and, although it was manufactured before agencies like Underwriters Laboratories existed, it offers decent fire protection for documents and valuables that are stored inside. The added bonus is the Major burglar resistant money chest which is attached to the interior of this antique safe. It is designed to store cash, jewelry, investment grade coins and other valuables. It is made of 1/2" plate steel body with a much thicker steel door. The modern mechanical combination lock is designed to be set to a million different theoretical combinations and incorporates a U.L. listed relocking device to deter forced entry attempts. It also uses a thick, hardened steel plate to protect the lock from drilling attacks. This safe offers the best of both worlds...burglar and fire resistance in one unit. They are rare to find and usually demand a very high price since you are paying for 2 safes. We have this good working used model on sale now for only $999.00. Delivery is also availabe for an additional charge.

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Was $999.00 but Now on sale for only $700.00

Updated 11/9/17