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BRAND: Diebold

TYPE OF SAFE: 1 hour fire rated safe with burglar resistant money chest welded inside

LOCK INFO: Outer door: S&G 6730 mechanical combination lock; Inner door: Diebold 900 mechanical combination lock

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: Outer door has external relocking device and large hard plate; Inner door has external relocking device and hard plate covering entire face of door

U.L. LABELS: 1-hour fire rated, relockers on both doors


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 21" Wide x 22" Deep x 36.5" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 16" Wide x 14.5" Deep x 28" High

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS(inner money chest): 12.5" Wide x 11.5" Deep x 11.75" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS(inner money chest): 10" Wide x 8" Deep x 9.5" High

INTERIOR COMPARTMENTS: Door opening = 6.25";

ANCHOR INFO: No factory anchor points

WHEELS: safe sits on 4 steel wheels

WEIGHT: estimated at 350 - 400 lbs.

COMMENTS: This is a Diebold 1 hour fire rated safe with a Diebold burglar resistant money chest welded inside. It appears to be factory installed. Both doors and locks are in good working order. They are built with large hardened steel drill resistant plating and U.L. listed relocking devices to add significant burglar resistance. Included is our free combination set-up to whatever numbers you would like. There are 1,000,000 theoretical combinations possible so you can pick any numbers you want. This safe gives you the best of both worlds: Great fire protection throughout the entire safe and excellent burglar resistance for any contents in the money chest. These are extremely rare and expensive because you are basically buying 2 safes in one. Compatable quality safes would cost around $2500 new ( Compare Gardall Z-3018) We have this great quality used Diebold on sale now for only $1049!

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Now on sale for only $1049.00

Updated 5/18/16