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TYPE OF SAFE: Deposit or Drop safe, mailbox style drop

LOCK INFO: 2 Sargent & Greenleaf 4440 safe deposit locks

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: No relockers, No hardplate




EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 14" Wide x 15-1/2" Deep x 32" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: TOP 13-1/2" Wide x 13" Deep x 9" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: BOTTOM 13-1/2" Wide x 13" Deep x 13" High

ANCHOR INFO: 4 factory anchor points


WEIGHT: Approximately 200 lbs.

COMMENTS: This beautiful, like-new double door Mesa deposit safe is designed to secure daily deposits from cash drawers as money accumulates. This is a great deterrant to loss from pilfering and robbery. As with most deposit safes, it is not designed for the overnight storage of money. The mailbox style drop directs all deposits into the top compartment while the bottom compartment is separate and can be used for storage of personal items, rolled coin or anything else that needs to be secured. Double-key operated locks provide the opportunity to require 2 person collection of the deposits or armored car collection so no one person has both keys at the same time. This type of system is likely to decrease the occurence of theft. Each door is 1/2" thick plate steel and the body is 1/4" thick. There is no fire protection in this safe, it is designed for burglar resistance. Each lock uses the same guard key but different customer keys. It comes with 2 of each key. This safe sells new for $1099 but we have this very gently used model on sale for only $499!

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Was priced at $499 but it's Now on sale for only $399.00

Updated 11/09/17