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BRAND: Diebold

TYPE OF SAFE: 2 hour fire resistant with burglar resistant features

LOCK INFO: Diebold 900 series, key changeable, mechanical combination lock with 1,000,000 theoretical combinations and spy-proof dial to keep prying eyes from reading your combination as you dial it

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: Internal and external relockers, drill-resistant hardened steel in front of lock

U.L. LABELS: Rated external relocking device, 2 hour fire rated by SMNA and U.L.

SHELVES: 1 full width, fully adjustable or removable shelf


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 28" Deep(incl. handle) x 28" Wide x 45" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 19.5" Deep x 20" Wide x 34" High

ANCHOR INFO: No factory anchor points

WHEELS: Safe has 4 steel wheels attached to bottom

WEIGHT: Estimated at 800 lbs.

COMMENTS: This is a Diebold 2 hour U.L. fire rated safe. It is designed to give you excellent protection from the loss that a catastrophic fire can cause. It also has many burglar resistant features built-in so it will give you decent resistance to a forced entry attempt. It is large enough to store your personal items like: * Tax records * Vehicle titles * Real estate deeds and paperwork * Birth and death certificates * Insurance documents * Personal weapons and ammumition * Electronic and optical devices * Electronic records (should be stored in air-tight container) * Wills, Power of Attorney and other legal documents * Business records The mechanical combination lock will be cleaned, inspected, properly lubricated and set to virtually any numbers you wish so it will be easy to remember your combination or we can set the combination to random numbers. Was $1275 but It is on sale now for only $999.00. (compare to Gardall model #3620 listed at $2550.00)

Here's some pictures...

Was $1275.00, Now on sale for only $999.00

Updated 11/09/17