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BRAND: Meilink

TYPE OF SAFE: Fire safe

LOCK INFO: S&G 6730 Group 2 Mechanical combination lock with 1,000,000 theoretical combinations

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: 2 independent relockers and mild hard plate

U.L. LABELS: SMNA 1 hour fire on whole safe,

SHELVES: None, shelf brackets are present but there are no shelves

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 21" Wide x 22.5" Deep x 30" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS(whole safe): 15" Wide x 15.5" Deep x 20" High


ANCHOR INFO: One factory anchor point in bottom of safe but wheel assemblies will have to be removed in order to use it.

WHEELS: Safe sits on 4 steel wheels

WEIGHT: Approximately 200 lbs

COMMENTS: This is a Meilink 1 hour fire safe with This safe gives you excellent fire protection and high quality construction to give you trouble-free operation for many years to come. The smaller size makes this safe perfect for your home or small business. It's the perfect place to store your valuable items such as:
* Tax records
* Titles
* Deeds
* Legal documents
* Insurance records
* Diplomas and school records
* Hand guns
* Electronic or optical devices
Included is a free set-up to your favorite numbers so you won't forget the combination.

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Was $525.00, Now on sale for only $425.00

Updated 11/09/17