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BRAND: American Security Products (AmSec)

TYPE OF SAFE: Burglar and fire resistant gun safe

LOCK INFO: Sargent & Greenleaf 6730 mechanical combination lock

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: 2 independent relocking devices, 3: 1/8" sheets of hardened steel protect the lock front against drilling attack

U.L. LABELS: Group 2 combination lock

SHELVES / CAPACITY: See pictures


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 59.25" High x 30" Wide x 21" Deep

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 57.25" High x 28" Wide x 18.25" Deep

ANCHOR INFO: 4 factory anchor points

WHEELS: No wheels

WEIGHT: Factory weight is 632 lbs.

COMMENTS: This is a gently used,very high quality American Security Products LP-6032 gun safe. Gun capacity is 10-10-20, your choice as the interior is convertable. Door is 1/4" plate steel with overall thickness of 1-3/4", body is 12 gauge steel. Black textured finish has a few blemishes. Brass dial is spy-proof. External hinges allow door to be opened a full 180 degrees if desired. 1200 F fire protection for 45 minutes is the advertised fire rating but this is not a U.L. rating. Door frame is lined with Palusol expanding temperature seal. 5 Active door bolts are 1-1/4" diameter, chrome plated and protect top, bottom and active side. Hinge side is protected by 3 1-1/4" passive bolts to deter prying. Also comes with access hole for electrical cord if you decide to install a dehumidifyer. As a bonus, the interior has ben outfitted with several battery operated lights. Safe was manufactured in 2008 and sold for $1666.59 according to the original receipt. It is on sale today for only $799.00

Updated 1/18/18
Here's some pictures...

Now on sale for only $799.00