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This is a very rare, used cast-iron fire resistant wall safe from around the 1920's.
It is designed to give you good protection from the loss that a catastrophic fire can bring. It's primarily used for fire resistance but offers a little burglar resistance.
This is an example of early 20th. century manufacturing and craftsmanship. The original paint and striping is visible and in decent shape. It has not been deep cleaned or restored by us because many buyers prefer to do their own restoration. The lock is a basic, 3 wheel combination design.
It comes with:
* Factory original, 3-wheel, pin change, gravity lever combination lock
* Lock and bolt-work will be cleaned, inspected and lubricated to ensure proper operation
* Single active bolt protects opening side of door
* Single bolt protects hinge side of door against cutting, prying attacks
* Door and bolt-work fit very nicely so it's easy to operate
* Original factory paint with pin stripes
* Exterior Dimensions: The safe measures 17-5/8" High x 17-3/8" Wide x 9-1/2" Deep.(including dial)
* Interior Dimensions: The safe measures 13-1/2 High x 11" Wide x 6" Deep
* Weight is estimated at 150 lbs.
* Safe is all original and has never been drilled
* Original mounting brackets welded to back for solid, convenient installation< br> Here's some pictures...

This safe is now on sale for only $549.00

Updated 2/8/12