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BRAND: Meilink

TYPE OF SAFE: Deposit safe encased in concrete liner

LOCK INFO: Center MFG, 3-wheel mesh change, 1 million theoretical combinations

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: External relocker, basic hardplate

U.L. LABELS: none

SHELVES / CAPACITY: none / approx 1 foot


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 16" Wide x 16" Deep x 42" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 10" Wide x 8" Deep x 12" High


WHEELS: none

WEIGHT: approximately 500#

COMMENTS: This is a Meilink deposit safe encased in a concrete shell to deter theft of the safe. This safe is perfect for a retail location that has neither the room or ability to anchor the safe to the floor. This thing is heavy but has a very small footprint so it can fit almost anywhere. It is a burglar and pilfer resistant safe but, as with all deposit safes, is not designed to protect a large sum of money overnight or unattended for long periods of time.

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Now on sale for only $575.00

Updated 8/24/12