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BRAND: CSS model B3227WD3

TYPE OF SAFE: Combination burglar and deposit safe, 3 doors with 2 digital locks and 1 double-key lock

LOCK INFO: 1 S&G 6120 digital combination lock, 1 LaGard digital combination lock, 1 double-key safe deposit box lock

RELOCK / HARDPLATE INFO: Both digital locks have internal relockers with external relockers attached to each door, safe deposit lock has external relocker attached to back of lock

U.L. LABELS: Digital locks are U.L. group 1 listed for burglar resistance, Key lock is UL group 2

SHELVES / CAPACITY: One adjustable shelf in largest compartment


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 32" High x 27" Wide x 25.5" Deep(inc. handle)

LEFT DOOR: 14" Wide x 23" Deep x 20.5" High
RIGHT DOOR: 8" Wide x 23" Deep x 19" High
BOTTOM DOOR: 23" Wide x 23" Deep x 8.5" High


ANCHOR INFO: 4 factory installed anchor points


WEIGHT: 450 lbs

COMMENTS: This is a triple door burglar and deposit safe that will fit cash drawers. There's tons of room to keep all your good stuff inside and allow only certain people access to the individual compartments. The left door uses a S&G 6120 digital lock, the right compartmant uses a LaGard digital lock, and the bottom compartment (where all drops fall into) uses a double-key safe deposit box lock. It can also be used for overnight storage of cash drawers. This safe lists for $2698 new but we have it on sale for almost one third of that price!

Here's some pictures...

Now on sale for only $999.00

Updated 7/23/12