This is a used Herring Hall Marvin 1-hour rated fire safe.
It is designed to give you excellant protection from the damage that a catastrophic fire can do to your personal records. There's plenty of room to store all your personal files, records, paperwork and even some personal valuables. It's primarily used for fire resistance but offers some burglar resistance, too.
It comes with:
* Very good quality combination lock with built-in relocking device
* 1-hour SMNA fire rated
* Steel wheels to assist moving safe into position
* Lock and bolt-work has been cleaned, inspected and lubricated to ensure proper operation
* 4 active bolts on latch side, top and bottom, * 2 passive bolts on hinge side
* 1 interior compartment with key lock
* 1 interior pull-out drawer, non-locking
* 2 interior storage cubbie
* 1 removable shelf

Here's some pictures...

* Exterior Dimensions (incl. handle/hinges): The safe measures 34-1/2" High x 20-1/2" Wide x 23" Deep
* Interior Dimensions : The safe measures 27" High x 15" Wide x 17" Deep
* Weight is estimated at between 300 to 350 lbs.

Regularly priced at $699, this safe is now sale priced at only $499.00.
Updated 12/28/11