This is a used McGunn 1 hour rated fire safe.
It is designed to give you excellant protection from the loss that a catastrophic fire can bring. There's plenty of room to store all your valuable personal items like tax records, insurance policies, titles, deeds, passports, personal papers, cameras, MP3 player, etc.... It's primarily used for fire resistance but offers some burglar resistance, too.
This is a professional quality, commercial grade fire safe, built to last!

It comes with:
* UL Listed Group II combination lock
* 1,000,000 possible combinations
* Shelved interior, designed to suit your storage needs
* Lock and bolt-work has been cleaned, inspected and lubricated to ensure proper operation
* It also incorporates 2 relocking devices to deter forced entry
* Drill resistant hardened steel plating to protect the combination lock from drilling attack
Here's some pictures...

* Exterior Dimensions: The safe measures approximately 39-1/8 " High x 22-7/8 " Wide x 22-3/8 " Deep.
* Weight is estimated at 400 lbs.

Now on sale for only $ 875.00

Updated 6/20 /08