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BRAND: Meilink

TYPE OF SAFE: 1 Hour Fire / Wall Safe

LOCK INFO: Meilink


U.L. LABELS: S.M.N.A. Class D, 1 Hour Fire Factory tested 1700 F

SHELVES: 1, Removable


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 14-1/4" Wide x 13-1/4" Deep x 12-7/8" High

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 11" Wide x 8-1/2" Deep x 9-1/2" High

ANCHOR INFO: 4 factory anchor points in attached framework allow safe to be mounted in drywall or plaster wall between 16" on center wall studs.


WEIGHT: Estimated 80LBS

COMMENTS: This is a used Meilink brand 1 hour fire rated wall safe.
It is designed to give you excellant protection from the loss that a catastrophic fire can bring. This safe is constructed to fit into a standard wall with 16" on-center studs. It's a very easy installation! It fits under the drywall or plaster and is attached to the wall studs thru brackets that are factory welded onto the safe body. It's a very popular design that has been around for decades. Great for hiding your good stuff from prying eyes!
There's enough room inside to store all your valuable personal items like tax records, insurance policies, titles, deeds, passports, personal papers, cameras, MP3 player, etc.... It's primarily used for fire resistance and offers some burglar resistance because the safe can be hidden almost anywhere and the door is recessed into the body, making it much harder to use prying tools.
This is a good quality, residential grade fire safe, built to last! No plastic parts inside this safe!

It comes with:
* 3 number, changeable combination lock
* 2 locking bolts and 2 hinge side dead bolts help deter forced entry attempts
* 1 million possible combinations keeps the bad guys guessing
* Lock and bolt-work has been cleaned, inspected and lubricated to ensure proper operation
* Interior shelf to help separate your files and personal items
This combination Fire/Wall safe would be perfect for any home or office. The fire protection will keep your documents, such as medical records, property deeds, insurance policies and other certificates, safe in the event of a fire. An added bonus is that this safe is also a wall safe, which can be easily tucked away behing a painting, or a wall hanging. This would make a perfect addition to your life!

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Was $399 but Now on sale for only $299.00

Updated 11/09/17